A Documentation Driven Approach to Building APIs

This talk was delivered during a Python virtual meetup. The aim was to introduce Django REST Framework and OpenAPI, in order to demonstrate how they could be combined to produce a well-tested, well-documented RESTful API.

Django REST Framework (DRF) does for REST APIs what Django does for web applications more generally. That is, it provides a powerful, flexible framework to help quickly building applications. OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) provides a machine-readable schema for describing the REST APIs made possible by the likes of DRF. When combined, they allow you to do some pretty neat things, which we’re going to cover in this talk.

  • Automatic generation of schemas from your API
  • Validation of APIs using schemas
  • Documentation!
  • The competition

Let’s see if OpenAPI really is the one API schema to rule them all…or something like that.

More information is available on the Meetup website.

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