Keeping It Real(Time)

Update: An expanded version of this talk was delivered at FOSDEM 2018 and is well worth the read if you’re interested in this.

This talk was given as a lightning talk at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney in November 2017. It focused on the new-found ability of OpenStack Nova to schedule real-time instances.

Ever get the feeling your cloud is just a bit too…cloudy? The flexibility and resource utilization that the cloud can offer might seem fantastic at first, but things look a little less rosy when you start thinking about the performance impacts the cloud can have on your applications, right?

Never fear: the OpenStack community hears you and and since Juno, projects like Nova have been on a steady march towards adding the features and capabilities that users with NFV and HPC workloads really need from their cloud. The latest of these Nova features builds upon earlier work to finally make real-time workloads in an OpenStack cloud a reality. In this talk, we take a peek under the Nova hood to see how this feature works and how it ties into earlier work in this area. We then demonstrate why this matters and how you can use this feature and others like it in your own applications.

What can I expect to learn?

This talk is mainly targeted towards attendees working in the Telco/NFV and HPC markets. These attendees are expected to learn about the real time features recently added to OpenStack Nova. In addition, these features build upon many existing features and we will cover some of these as part of the talk.

By the end of the talk, we would hope that attendees will have vastly expanded their knowledge of OpenStack Nova’s NFV/HPC capabilities, and would be able to use their knowledge of these capabilities in their own applications.

More information is available on the OpenStack Summit Sydney website.

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